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Lunar Interface

Patient Focused

The SLE6000 user interface has been designed to emit as low a light as possible so as not to provide unnecessary stimulus to the patient. This is how the Lunar™ interface was born.

Recent research in Developmental Care has shown that excessive light is involved in retinal damage, sleep pattern alterations, disturbance of circadian rhythms and poor growth.

Some of this light comes from the equipment around the patient, and it is for this reason that we have chosen to implement a low-lux (Lunar™) interface on the SLE6000.

Easy to Learn and Use

Additionally, the carefully designed workflow enables users to manage ventilation with fewer interactions with the machine, giving more time to deal with the patient’s care. Indeed, as well as facilitating improved developmental care, the Lunar™ interface also sets a new benchmark in usability.

A simple, intuitive layout allows the user to easily draw the necessary information whilst making the learning process much faster. Together with the screen's high resolution and optimum angling, this helps towards our goal of allowing clinicians to concentrate on the patient and not the ventilator.

† Reference:
Thomas T. Lai, MD, Cynthia F. Bearer, MD, PhD.
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