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Transport Incubators

Infant Transport Incubators Customised for Air and Ground

Imagine, Design, Build

In the UK, SLE can offer the complete range of ventilators from International Biomedical, the market leaders in transport incubators.

For over 35 years they have been designing and manufacturing infant and pediatric transport systems for leading hospitals and transport teams around the world. These systems provide the transport community with the most innovative and advanced solutions to accommodate all modes of transport.

Their customised solutions begin with a broad selection of standard products that may be modified and combined to meet the specific challenges of the different transport environments. They are built to order and can include ventilators, monitors, pumps, suction and nitric oxide devices from a range of manufacturers.

Transport Incubators (Road and Air)

The Voyager incubator is specially designed for the tough, outdoor life. During transport, the Voyager Incubator puts all the controls for ventilation and monitoring right in front of the operator so you can see and reach everything easily. Can be mounted on a variety of trolleys suitable for UK ambulance use. Please see your local SLE Regional Manager for further details. International Biomedical has extensive experience in equipping hundreds of air transfer teams in the US and across Europe. SLE can provide expert advice on configuring your system to meet the safety standards within the regulatory framework for rotary or fixed wing aircraft.

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In-Hospital Transport Incubators

The Airborne 750i Incubator is specifically designed for internal transfers. The incubator is at a comfortable working height for a standing operator. The trolley is short, manoeuvrable and light enough for one nurse to transport a premature infant. Can be configured to suit an individual hospital. Features Gentle-ride shock absorbers for a smoother ride.

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AeroNOx Nitric Oxide Therapy Unit

Nitric Oxide therapy on transport has been refined with the implementation of the AeroNOx nitric oxide delivery system. The AeroNOx offers continuous and uninterrupted inhaled nitric oxide administration and analysis for all your bedside, transport, and backup needs. Gas delivery has been developed around a mass flow meter with an easy-to-read digital display and is controlled by a high accuracy metering valve. This compact system continuously monitors NO, NO2 and O2 via sidestream analysis and is compatible with most continuous flow ventilators. These features make the portable AeroNOx system an indispensable tool for inhaled nitric oxide therapy.


Various ventilators can be integrated into the incubator, including the TV1 which offers a full range of conventional ventilation modes. Please see your local SLE Regional Manager for further details.


Laerdal’s LCSU4 can be added when transport suction is required. Please see your local SLE Regional Manager for further details.


Various monitors can be integrated and attached to the incubators depending upon local requirements. Please see your local SLE Regional Manager for further details.


  • Distributed in the UK by SLE
  • Custom-built solution to suit each customer
  • Manufactured by international incubator specialist
  • Available in both Road & Air and In-hospital versions
  • Can incorporate complete range of accessories
  • Fits all UK ambulances and aircraft
  • Competitively priced

Please check with your local SLE Distributor to find out if these products are available for purchase in your country.