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HeRO symphony

The most advanced form of HeRO available...

Detect Sepsis earlier...

Now called HeRO symphony, MPSC continues to improve upon the capabilities of their foremost HeRO System with new advancements and capabilities.


HeRO provides an automated, noninvasive method to detect transient decelerations and reduced baseline heart rate variability. HeRO continuously acquires, records, measures and analyzes variations in RR Intervals, and provides ongoing display of this information.

HeRO is used to:

  • Continuously acquire an ECG signal or heart rate data from an existing physiological monitor

  • Identify and determine the length of time between individual heart beats (the R- R Interval)

  • Calculate a set of measures from these R-R Intervals to characterize the heart rate pattern

  • Compute an “index” based on the degree of decelerations and reduced baseline variability in these patterns,

  • Calculate the HeRO Score, which expresses the index as a fold-increase risk of sepsis relative to the overall NICU population, and

  • Provide this information to clinicians in a timely and intuitive fashion.

Indications for Use

HeRO is intended to acquire, store, analyze, and report on ECG data collected from infants. HeRO is intended to be used by trained operators under the direct supervision of a licensed health care practitioner in a hospital neonatal or pediatric ICU environment.

HeRO is intended to be used for the analysis of the variability in RR Intervals (heart rate) and to report measurements of the variability of heart rate data (HRV). The HRV measurements reported by HeRO are specialized in nature, and intended to identify periods of transient decelerations and/or reduced baseline variability in the heart rate.

HeRO is intended to provide specialized HRV measurements and may detect arrhythmias, that when combined with other risk factors, can be used as an aid in assessing the risk of sepsis in infants. The use of the HeRO monitoring improves survival in very low birth weight neonates.

HeRO Standard acquires data from a user-supplied ECG monitor, and requires a user- supplied local area network. Supporting HL7 data export for sending HeRO Scores directly to your electronic medical record, new data acquisition methods for easier setup, and improved monitor connection cables, HeRO symphony represents the highest level of capability that HeRO offers.

Installation, training, maintenance and support are to be performed by Medical Predictive Science Corporation employees or contractors who have been certified by Medical Predictive Science Corporation as qualified to perform such duties.


  • Supports patient transfer with data continuity
  • Provides HeRO surveillance for all the beds in your NICU
  • Supports HeRO central viewing stations to view HeRO data
  • User access through a browser based client, works with tablets.
  • Provides an HL7 data stream to export to your electronic medical records
  • Archives HeRO Scores for up to one year
  • Validated up to 256 bed NICU with 1 HeRO Server

Please check with your local SLE Distributor to find out if these products are available for purchase in your country.

Please click here to read Dr Sujoy Banerjee, a Consultant Neonatologist at Singleton Hospital, Swansea talking about the HeRO system.