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The Adhesive of Choice for Long-term EEG/EP Studies

Collodion Adhesive

Collodion is the adhesive of choice for long-term or any EEG/EP studies where secure and stable electrode application is required.
Collodion Adhesive is a specially formulated mixture of diethyl ether and methylated spirit for application of EEG electrodes to the head.
Collodion Adhesive is supplied in 6.5 ml tubes, and is available in airtight plastic tubs of 10, 20 or 50 tubes. If kept in a cool environment Collodion has a shelf life of at least 6 months.

Introducing Collodion LV

A lower viscosity version of Collodion, called Collodion LV is also available. It has a thinner consistency and is available in 6.5 ml tubes in tubs of 20. As with Collodion, Collodion LV can be removed with Collodion Remover.
Orders can be place through your Customer Services Representative.
SLE Collodion Adhesive is produced at the SLE factory in the United Kingdom.
Please check with your local SLE Distributor to find out if these products are available for purchase in your country.