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SLE6000 Version 2 Software

SLE has recently released its Version 2 software on the SLE6000. The Version 2 software for the SLE6000 is the biggest update we’ve ever made to a ventilator with new modes, new features and new ways of helping you to manage your patients.

The new software also brings additional language support to the SLE6000. It now supports 15 languages including Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese and Turkish.


This new product launch introduces software modularity.

All new ventilators will come with standard ‘Core Software’. You will then be able to individually purchase the modes you require. Available modes include: HFOV with VTV, NIV, High Flow Oxygen Therapy, Conventional VTV, and IntelliBridge.

All of the different modes on the SLE6000 will now be available for purchase individually, which will allow you to customise your SLE6000 to suit your patient’s needs.

All of the main features and modes are explained in more detail in our Version 2 software brochure.