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The SLE6000

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The SLE6000 is SLE’s most versatile ventilator. Its modular design means that you can customise it to suit your patients.

Add single-tube NIV modes, HFOV, VTV, SpO2 , etCO2 and Auto O2 to suit your way of working.

SLE specialises in infant ventilation and as with all of our ventilators the SLE6000 is optimised for the smallest of patients. Rest assured that the SLE6000 will keep pace with the ever changing needs of babies - whilst being safe, reliable and easy to use.

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Download the SLE6000 brochure in a range of languages. Click on the relevant link below.


Watch the Video...

An introduction to the SLE6000, showcasing some of the features in V2 software


Here are just some of the modules you can add to your SLE6000


This software module adds software that allows the SLE6000 to monitor and display etCO2. It requires an Oridion MicroPod to interface with the SLE6000 and sampling lines.


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This software module adds software that allows the SLE6000 to monitor and display SpO2. It requires an SLE uSpO2 cable (Masimo SET) to interface with the SLE6000 and SpO2 sensors.


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This software module adds software that allows the SLE6000 to automatically control the FiO2. It requires the optional SpO2 Software module to be installed and the ventilator to be fitted with an SLE uSpO2 cable (Masimo SET) and SpO2 sensors.


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The IntelliBridge software connects the SLE6000 to a Philips monitor, allowing ventilator data to be shown on the monitor screen and transferred over the Philips’ network.

High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation

The SLE6000 is the fourth generation oscillator from SLE. With SLE’s unique valveless technology using high-speed bidirectional jets, it ensures a powerful, effective and reliable HFO delivery.


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Volume Targeted Ventilation

Volume Targeted Ventilation (VTV) is a lung protective mode of ventilation that can reduce the risk of serious complications such as BPD, pneumothorax, atelectasis and hypocarbia. In VTV mode, the SLE6000 monitors and targets the expiratory tidal volume (Vte) and can compensate for an ET tube leak of up to 50%.


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Non-Invasive Ventilation

The SLE6000 is unique in allowing for the choice of either dual or single-limb non-invasive ventilation, extending the interface options available to medical staff. NIV can then be applied using a nasal mask or nasal prongs. Servo-controlled flow compensates for varying leaks and results in a more consistent pressure requiring fewer staff interventions.


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High Flow Oxygen Therapy

High flow oxygen therapy delivers breathing gas through a simple, loose-fitting nasal cannula that is more comfortable for the baby. It can provide on-going respiratory support throughout the infant’s recovery process. High flow oxygen therapy is available as an optional upgrade on the SLE6000, enabling the provision of even more comprehensive care.


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The SLE6000 sees the introduction of a new Lunar™ interface, which incorporates a low-glare screen (in keeping with the increased emphasis on developmental care) whilst setting a new benchmark in usability.

The etCO2 waveform and digital value are shown in yellow and allow the user to compare CO2 trends with any ventilator parameter.

When the SpO2 module is added to the SLE6000, the screen can show an additional plethysmogram waveform. All data is trended for up to 14 days.

A single on/off button activates OxyGenie and allows for safe control of the FiO2 level, ensuring the patient remains within a particular range for the maximum possible time.

Switching to HFOV is a button-push away and doesn't require any changes to the patient circuit. Parameter controls have changed to reflect the new mode. The ‘Additional Parameters’ button can display secondary controls for this mode. Selecting any parameter activates the + and - keys to adjust the parameter value.

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✔ Ventilate patients up to 30 kg

✔ Unique Lunar™ interface

✔ Sharp 12.1’’ colour LED touch-screen

✔ V/P, F/P, F/V loops available

✔ Compact, single-box design

✔ 3+ hour battery life (in all modes)

✔ 14 day data trending – 20 parameters

✔ Screen capture

✔ Proximal flow sensor

✔ Flow and pressure breath detection

✔ Nebuliser interface

✔ Connectors: RS232, VGA, USB, Ethernet