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Infant Ventilator

The reliable solution for infant ventilation

The SLE2000 is one of the world’s most widely used infant specific ventilators. It has a concise range of modalities for conventional ventilation.

For many years, the SLE2000 has set the standard in neonatal ventilation. Using a unique valveless system, the principle of operation of the SLE2000 helps to eliminate inadvertent PEEP, and aid in the total clearance of expired gases.

The smallest thing does matter...

The SLE2000 is specifically designed for neonatal and infant patients. It allows the user to deliver conventional ventilation i.e. CPAP, CMV, PTV or SIMV.

Exceptional pneumatic performance is enhanced by a patented valveless system

The valveless system gives the SLE2000 many advantages over conventional ventilators including a less complicated patient circuit with no diaphragms or other obstructions in the exhalation limb of the circuit, helping to reduce expiratory resistance.

All of which makes it easier to assemble and clean and ultimately reduces the potential for errors or wrong assembly.


  • Low cost, high performance constant flow Time Cycled Pressure Limited (TCPL) ventilator
  • Easy to set-up, easy to use, easy to train, easy to clean
  • SLE valveless technology

Please note the SLE2000 is not available in all countries.

Please check with your local SLE distributor to find out if this product is available for purchase in your country.

For further information, please contact your local SLE distributor, SLE Customer Services or download a brochure from the link below.