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SenTec Digital Monitoring System

Transcutaneous monitoring

SenTec Digital Monitoring System

SenTec Digital Monitor

The SenTec Digital Monitor (SDM) is an easy-to-use bedside monitor with an integrated calibration chamber for virtually all situations where continuous ventilation and oxygenation monitoring matters.

There are two systems available:

SenTec V-Sign™ System

Product Code: SDMS

The SenTec Digital Monitoring System (SDMS) provides continuous and noninvasive real-time monitoring of transcutaneous CO2 partial pressure (PCO2), functional oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), pulsation index (PI) and heating power (HP) in adult and pediatric patients as well as for PCO2 and HP monitoring in neonatal patients in virtually any clinical setting.

The SDMS consists of the following main components:

1 SenTec Digital Monitor without activated PO2 channel (SDM)
1 V-Sign™ Sensor 2 (VS-A/P/N)
1 Digital Sensor Adapter Cable (AC-150)
1 Starter Set of Disposables

SenTec OxiVenT™ System

Product Code: SDMS-PO2

The SenTec Digital Monitoring System with PO2 (SDMS-PO2) provides continuous and noninvasive real-time monitoring of ventilation (tcPCO2), oxygenation (tcPO2) and Heating Power (HP) for neonatal patients.
In paediatric / adult patients, the system can be used for tcPCO2, tcPO2, SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulsation Index (PI) and HP monitoring.

1 SenTec Digital Monitor with activated PO2 channel (SDM-PO2)
1 OxiVenT™ Sensor (OV-A/P/N)
1 Digital Sensor Adapter Cable (AC-150)
1 Starter Set of Disposables

Sensor Options

OxiVenT™ Sensor

tcPCO2, tcPO2, SpO2, PR and RHP

V-Sign™ Sensor

tcPCO2, SpO2, PR and RHP

Always in Touch...

The SDMS allows continuous monitoring of transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension (tcPCO2) in neonates. Versatile sensor application (thorax, abdomen, back, low on forehead, inner or anterior aspect of tight) facilitates continuous measurement in virtually all clinical situations.

Safe Sensor Temperature Management

The digital sensor always stays in touch with your patient while safely measuring, supervising and controlling its temperature at the application site. The SenTec Digital Monitoring System allows a safe “plug and play” measurement with safety temperature management features: institution-restrictable sensor temperature, site inspection requests and – if missed – automatic sensor temperature reduction.

Gentle Sensor Application

You will always keep the sensor in touch with your patient, because the SenTec Digital Monitoring System provides you with a very gentle sensor application solution. The sophisticated sensor temperature management concept described above is one of these gentle sensor application features. For the most gentle sensor application to your patient, the V-Sign™ Sensor is extremely lightweight (less than 2.9 g), includes a highly-flexible cable, and keeps its full freedom of rotation if applied to the patient. Moreover, the neonatal attachment ring is devoted to the particular needs of neonatal skin: its design allows you a forceless sensor application and a smooth remove without damaging the sensitive skin when peeling off after monitoring.

Reliable Measurement Performance

Transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension values painlessly provide you with a precious estimate of arterial carbon dioxide tension levels. With the lowest technical drift of the currently available transcutaneous monitors, the digital V-Sign™ Sensor provides accurate transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension values even during long-term measurement [Storre 2010]. 

Get a demonstration

SLE is pleased to be the UK distributor of the SenTec Monitoring System.

If you are a UK customer and would like further information or a no-obligation demonstration in your own hospital please contact us at or on 020 8681 1414.