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Air Compressors

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Ventilator Compressors (SLE500S & SLE500E)

The SLE ‘S’ and ‘E’ Air Compressors are an ideal source of medical grade air for all SLE ventilators where piped compressed air is unavailable or where a back-up air source is required.

Both models are available in a range of voltages/frequencies to suit your own market requirements. Also newly available is the ‘SD30’ Compressor Trolley for use with either compressor, making a fully integrated system where space may be at a premium.

All versions of the compressors include the option of either four wheels (or rubber feet to allow easy mounting on the SD30 trolley).

We believe that these new compressors will offer you more flexibility and value, particularly when used in conjunction with our ventilators.

Both compressors are supplied with a 3 metre NIST to DISS air hose as standard.

The SLE500S features a digital display, which shows output pressure, temperature and total hours as well as alarm indicators for a variety of conditions. Fitted with an ‘air in’ connector for direct wall connection, it allows automatic start-up in the event of an air supply failure.

The SLE500E, features a simplified designed case and is free from buttons and controls. On the rear is a mechanical counter and outlet pressure gauge. With its simplified design and long maintenance intervals, this is the economical choice.

SD30 Trolley
The SD30 trolley is fitted with a top plate (for the SLE4000 & SLE5000 ventilators) including two medi-rails and a humidifier bracket (for a standard humidifier). The trolley has 4 wheels (Front two lockable).

nCPAP Compressor


The SLE100 is designed to supply compressed, clean, oil-free, medical air to the SLE1000 nCPAP driver.

All compressors feature

  • Easily accessible filter and indicators make regular maintenance simple and cost effective.
  • Large, lockable castors provide effortless mobility and stability
  • Medical grade dry, clean, oil-free air
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Main gas supply back-up mode

For further details please contact your local SLE representative or Customer Services.