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Accessories & Consumables

A complete range

All SLE accessories have been selected or manufactured to work with SLE products.

We can supply a range of accessories including disposable patient circuits, CPAP generators, tubing, humidifiers, trolleys and other neonatal related products.

Various accessories data sheets are available for:

  • SLE2000 & SLE2000 HFO Ventilator Accessories
  • SLE350 & SLE500 Compressors
  • SLE4000, SLE5000 & SLE6000 Ventilator Accessories
  • SLE3600 Inosys Nitric Oxide Therapy System Accessories
  • Nitric Oxide Circuits and Nebuliser kits
  • Biomed NeO2 Blender
  • SLE1000 nCPAP Driver Accessories
  • Aeroneb Solo
  • Patient Circuits
  • Flow sensors (Single Patient use)
  • Flow sensors (Autoclavable)
  • Filters
  • Fisher & Paykel Accessories
  • SLE1000 nCPAP Generator
  • Inca (Ventilator nCPAP) system, Cannulaide nasal seals
  • Cannula securing devices and Skin preparation tabs
  • Miniflow (Ventilator nCPAP system)
  • TSI Ventilator Test Systems

For further information, please contact your local SLE Distributor, SLE Customer Services or Download it from the link below.