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Service Training Courses 2018

26 February 2018
SLE has released a new Technical Training Brochure for 2018.
This new brochure contains details of the SLE5000 and SLE6000 courses that are taking place at SLE's Head Office in South Croydon throughout the year.  Details of international courses will be shared on a per-course basis.
The SLE6000 course covers the following topics:
  • New: A brief introduction to ventilation and its clinical application.
  • SLE6000 new features presentation
  • SLE6000 pneumatics (including layout, component identification and replacement, oxygen calibration procedures and pressure regulator operation) (practical session)
  • SLE6000 electronic module including layout, hardware versions, software versions (practical session)
  • Software upgrades (practical session)
  • Engineering mode calibration including full calibration, sensor calibration, jet calibration and flow system calibration (all practical)
  • Planned preventative maintenance – 12 months and 30,000hrs/60months (practical session)
  • Operational verification (practical session)
  • Critical component replacement (practical session)
  • Fault-finding (test)
Courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis: 
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