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Founded in 1956, SLE has a proud history of providing healthcare professionals with specialised equipment that makes a difference...


We are one of the leading global providers of neonatal ventilation products. Care of neonates is a highly specialised area, which is why we concentrate exclusively on this particular niche.

Improving the future wellbeing of the tiniest of patients is close to our hearts and we achieve this by nurturing close relationships with leading universities, hospitals and industry specialists to understand the challenges facing clinicians when caring for the most critical babies.

Our aim is to be the preferred supplier in our chosen markets.

We enjoy long term, trusting relationships and continue to do so by ensuring our products anticipate and exceed the needs of the medical community.

Company History: A Timeline


SLE Founded by Denis Nelligan

In 1956, realising a market need, Dennis Nelligan, then a hospital EEG technician, started his own company (Specialised Laboratory Equipment) aiming to improve EEG electrodes and accessories. The company grew steadily and eventually came to the attention of an Italian EEG machine manufacturer. They asked SLE to become their distributor in the UK.

A few years later SLE started manufacturing and designing its own EEG equipment. During the next decade the company grew further, developing additional EEG products.


SLE Enters Neonatal Market

In 1977 SLE worked with Bourns to help them establish a new neonatal ventilator in the UK market. This was a great success, and SLE now had a fledgling "Life Support" division.


SLE Newborn 150 Launched

A few years later SLE launched their own ventilator, the Newborn 150.


Newborn 250 Introduced

Slightly more compact, and with a few extra features, the SLE Newborn 250 was a logical follow up to the 150.


SLE Introduces Patient Triggered Ventilation

Patient Triggered Ventilation was a revelation. Being able to let the patient control the triggering of a breath meant that the baby was less stressed, and wasted less energy 'fighting' the ventilator.


Original SLE2000 Launched

The original models had a mechanical analogue pressure gauge. This was later updated to an electronic LED version.


SLE2000 HFO Introduced

The additional HFO module was revolutionary enabling SLE to access many more customers.


SLE5000 Launched

Not only was it a great all-rounder, managing both conventional and HFO ventilation, but it featured a large 12.1” colour touch-screen. Now in its 7th version the SLE5000 has kept up with current technology and therapies, and is still one of the best infant HFO ventilators available.
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SLE4000 Launched

The market demanded a touch-screen conventional ventilator, so the SLE4000 was born. The SLE4000 does everything an SLE5000 does except HFOV, so is a great standard ventilator for those who just want to use conventional modes.
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SLE Receives Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade

SLE was honoured to receive this prestigious award - in recognition of the company's outstanding growth in overseas sales. The award was received by Bernad Neligan at Buckingham Palace from Her Majesty The Queen. The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are made based on advice from the Prime Minister, assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions.


SLE1000 nCPAP Driver Launched

With servo-controlled flow the SLE1000 maintains a constant nasal pressure. With integrated alarms and an electronic blender it's a continued success.
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Version 5 Software for SLE4000 & SLE5000 Released

The extra features our customers were asking for was introduced by way of new software. The software was well-received and is now fitted as standard to all new machines.


SLE6000 Launched

Featuring its new Lunar™ user interface: a completely new low-luminance interface the SLE6000 was designed to add more features whilst being even easier to use.
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SpO2 and etCO2 Modules Released

The SpO2 and etCO2 external modules introduced as part of the SLE6000's modular system. Both modules have been well-received and has allow clinicians to display both SpO2 and etCO2 on the ventilator screen at the same time.


OxyGenie® Launched

OxyGenie® Auto O2 controller for the SLE6000. The OxyGenie module is intended to control the inspired oxygen delivery to keep the patient's SpO2 within a predefined target range.
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SLE Joins Forces with Inspiration Healthcare

SLE is delighted that we are set to be acquired by Inspiration Healthcare.

Inspiration Healthcare is set on becoming a world leader in neonatal intensive care equipment and this development enables both teams to leverage international distribution networks, explore new markets, and grow shared manufacturing skills and expertise. Currently, Inspiration Healthcare sells products in over 50 countries through more than 75 distributors.




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