SLE is going Purple for World Prematurity Awareness

By 1st November 2021Article

November is World Prematurity Awareness month with World Prematurity Day being on the 17th of November 2021. SLE is going purple once again this month to promote World Prematurity Awareness

From previous years, the typical socks line and purple theme have become symbols for World Prematurity Day. The colour purple stands for sensitivity and exceptionality.

2021 has been an incredibly difficult year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all areas of life. However, the pandemic has had a particular effect on families with a baby who was born prematurely. As a result of stopping the spread of the virus, many hospitals and clinics were forced to tighten safety precautions and put in drastic hygiene measures. This unfortunately meant that parents have very minimal contact with their baby with mothers having to give birth with no one by their side to support them as well as many NICU’s allowing much contact time with parents and their baby.

Hence, why this year’s focus for World Prematurity Day is “Zero separation”. Whilst it is important to respect the precautions and measures put in place because of COVID-19, infant and family centred developmental care is still possible in the period of a global pandemic.

Here at SLE we would all like to thanks all nurses, doctors and support staff for their hard work and dedication in saving these tiny babies and supporting their families in the most difficult times. Together we can all help prevent the impacts that lead premature birth.