Homerton standardises on SLE6000!

By 13th September 2021Article

Last week, three SLE representatives (Paul Neilson, Stephen Smith, and Robert Stone) took a trip to the Homerton Hospital to help Dr. Claire Howarth (Consultant Paediatrician), and her colleagues with the transition from their old ventilators to 17 new SLE6000s.

However, having arrived at the NICU on Wednesday, they were greeted by Dr. Howarth who commented “They are all done, all the ventilated babies have already been transitioned onto the SLE6000. It was a bit of an anti-climax really”.

Later that day, the hospital received a sick baby from Lewisham Hospital; the baby arrived around 6:30 pm and was immediately transferred onto a SLE6000. Doctor Howarth was happy to let Paul, Robert and Stephen leave and would call them if needed.

Fortunately, there were no calls during the night. Robert and Stephen arrived the following morning to happy, calm, and relaxed faces. The nurse looking after the baby that day even commented “Oh this is so easy, why didn’t we have these [ventilators] a while back”.

Dr. Howarth has thanked them for making the ventilator changeover so smooth with many people excited to use the other features they offer, and how easy they are to use.

This is a big win for SLE as Homerton chose to move from another ventilator manufacturer to the SLE6000.