New Group Tagline!

By 22nd March 2021Article


With every new logo, comes a new and improved tagline…

Back at the end of January, a small team from across the Group, along with CEO Neil Campbell, brainstormed ideas for a new company tagline.

We thought that rather than having individual taglines for each company (Inspiration Healthcare, SLE and Viomedex), we should come up with something that can reflect every company within the Group. We brainstormed many different ideas and variations until we developed something that reflected everything we do. It gives us great delight to introduce our new Group tagline:


Innovate | Create | Inspire


Why three words? We believe that these three words had more merit than a short sentence as each word reflects what all the companies do best! Not only that but the three words are punchy and memorable, clear and easy to read from a distance, and works well with any size logo.

The thinking behind each word:

InnovateMaking changes and bringing new ideas, methods and products within each company across the Group.

CreateCreating products, or ideas, for better solutions in patient care and those who need it most.

InspireNot only a nod to ‘Inspiration Healthcare Group PLC’, but also relates to a patient’s first breath.

We hope you like the new Group tagline as much as we do, and hope you’ll agree this sums up what all three companies within the group do best!