Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

By 16th March 2020Product News
It’s fair to say that the global COVID-19 crisis is a huge challenge for many companies and organisations.
There has been an upturn in demand for ventilators, which in turn in pressurising both supply chains and freight availability. With so many border crossings and airports closed for undetermined times, our task to get product out to customers has been the biggest challenge in the last 12 months.
Within this challenge we also need to ensure we have fit and healthy staff at SLE to be able to support the upturn in demand, and to assist with that we are implementing COVID-19 protocols to minimize risk of cross infection.
We will be doing the very best we can to support you in this period, but please bear with us that we have a finite number of hours in the day to build a finite number of ventilators.
We are concentrating mostly on SLE6000/5000/4000 models. The SLE1000, SLE2000 and Inosys may take a little longer than normal.