Introducing our newest recruit: LuSi!

By 18th February 2020Product News

SLE is very excited to introduce to you our newest recruit: LuSi!

Short for Lung Simulator, LuSi is an autonomous, high-fidelity lung simulator in the body of a silicone baby!

What is really amazing about LuSi is that she is as close as it gets to a real infant with real physiological and respiratory difficulties, such as RDS, pneumothorax and can show vital signs in real time. (She even has permanently dry nappy!)

SLE’s Clinical Support and Education Manager, Barbara Pilgrim said “After my initial experience with LuSi, I see great potential in her in extending our training and education programmes to more clinicians and nurses in the countries in which we operate. She’s amazing!”

We look forward using LuSi more and more in the coming months and truly believe she will bring a new dimension to our clinical training, testing and development of our products!