Happy Retirement, Robin!

By 6th January 2020Article

SLE would like to take a moment to thank Robin Blesson, who worked with SLE for over 30 years, a very happy retirement!

Robin started working for SLE on 30th October 1989, when the company was based in Campbell Road, West Croydon. Starting his career as a Test Engineer in both our Test and Service departments, Robin’s first few years in the company would be spent working on a number of different products such as MicroScribes, NeuroScribes and various EEG Machines.

Bernard Nelligan, SLE Managing Director, said that Robin had “Been on the journey the company has been on. Moving from predominately EEG, neurophysiology equipment through to ventilators and neonatal intensive care equipment, and made that transition seamlessly”

During his time with the company Robin visited over 64 hospitals in the UK, but what is even more impressive is the fact that Robin didn’t drive and made these journeys predominately using public transport! Robin was so massively popular with customers that some would even ask “Is Robin coming?” when scheduling appointments and would be disappointed if another Engineer was sent!

Colleagues have said that Robin is a “True gentleman, methodical and a caring individual”.

Thank you for your hard work over the last 30 years, Robin! Everyone here at SLE wishes you a very long and happy retirement!