ESPNIC Summer School was a great success!

By 6th September 2019Exhibitions & Events

Last week, Steve Dodd, our product manager for the SLE6000, volunteered to drive all the from the UK to Bilbao to attend the EPSNIC Summer School!

The ESPNIC Paediatric ICU Ventilation Summer School was led by Dr Yolanda M. López Fernandez, Prof. Peter Rimensberger and Dr Alberto Medina Villanueva. Topics included ventilation, drug administration, pharmacokinetics and nutrition.

SLE was pleased to able to support the ventilation section with the SLE6000 ventilator to specifically demonstrate HFOV ventilation and other core ventilation modes, with an animal lung. This allowed the course participants to use and see “hands on” the benefits and effects of ventilator modes in lung recruitment, oxygenation and CO2 removal. Not least they were able to see the benefits of OxyGenie – SLE’s automatic FiO2 closed loop control on the SLE6000.

The training was a great success, and all involved had the satisfaction of knowing the event and demonstration went well and Steve’s trip was very appreciated!

This is the email Steve received from one of the organisers:

I hope you´ve had a safe trip and return to UK. Thank you for your effort, kindness and patience.

Feedback from attendees has been outstanding! SLE ventilator and lung simulation brings a high-quality learning experience!

Well done, Steve!