Introducing OxyGenie!

By 16th May 2019Product News

SLE is delighted to announce that our post marketing surveillance on OxyGenie is now complete! We have received positive feedback from our clinical testers and we are excited to be able to officially share it with you!

OxyGenie is a sophisticated, responsive and, most critically, effective, Automatic O2 controller for the SLE6000. With the University of Tasmania and the Royal Hobart Hospital, SLE wanted to create a solution that not only benefits medical staff, but most importantly, the patient’s health.

With the help of OxyGenie, your patient’s FiO2 is automatically controlled, maximising the amount of time their SpO2 is within target range. OxyGenie analyses the patient’s FiO2 every second and can make the necessary changes when there is a sudden change in a baby’s saturation. Without having to manually adjust the ventilator frequently, staff will have more time to spend caring for your patient, which we think is invaluable!

The SLE6000’s modular design allows OxyGenie to be integrated quickly and easily by your local engineer.

If you would like further information about OxyGenie, please contact your local distributor or email us at