Around the world in 28 days

February was a busy month for the SLE clinical training team as they supported training programmes across the world.  The photographs above feature training courses we sponsored in Saudi Arabia and Oman, as well as specialist on-site clinical training in Egypt.

Participants had a great opportunity to discuss and learn more about some of the main topics of neonatology, and feedback from the meetings has been outstanding.

The symposiums covered all aspects of infant ventilation including classroom based lectures,  hands-on lab workshops and Q&A sessions with medical thought leaders.

Topics Included:

  • Back to Basics with Ventilation – Different Modes of Conventional ventilation & HFOV
  • Not all oscillators are the same: understanding your machine.
  • Advanced Conventional Ventilation Modes
  • Concept of lung recruitment
  • Understanding how HFOV works
  • The role of Volume Targeting in HFOV
  • Understanding how HFOV works and how to optimise the ventilator for different diseases
  • Closed Loop Oxygen and its importance

We would like to dedicate a special thank you to our guest speakers across the events: Professor David Tingay, Professor Peter Rimensberger, Dr Chris Dewhurst, and Dr Ali Al Jabri.

Keep checking our blog and social media channels for updates on upcoming training courses.