Masimo SpO2 Monitoring on the SLE6000

By 26th September 2018Product News

SLE has announced the much anticipated introduction of Masimo SpO2 Pulse Oximetry monitoring for the SLE6000 infant ventilator.

A patient’s oxygen saturation levels can now be monitored using Masimo SET® Technology integrated into the SLE6000.  SpO2 readings will be taken from the patient and fed into the ventilator to be viewed on-screen, alongside all other respiratory data. This integration is another step toward the SLE6000 becoming the integral focal point for respiratory management in the NICU.

What is especially exciting is, this feature will allow clinicians to review SpO2 trends and up to 14-day’s worth of historical data, to gain an overview of a patient’s progress.

How it Works 

Firstly, a sensor is connected to the hand or foot of an infant (at the top of this page you can see a the Neonatal sensor attached to the hand of a baby).

The sensor is then connected to an external Masimo module, which analyses the data and feeds it back into the SLE6000.

The data will be displayed onscreen, as on the right…

Why Masimo?

SLE decided upon Masimo SET® Technology due to its recognised superiority in pulse oximetry monitoring in neonates. The thing with babies is they don’t stay still, they wiggle and move their hands and feet. The Masimo SET Technology is proven to perform better under challenging conditions of motion and low-perfusion better than other conventional SpO2 technology.

The software will allow clinicians to view real-time oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate on-screen, alongside other respiratory data.

SpO2 and Modularity

SpO2 monitoring is an optional software module that can be added to the ventilator at the time of purchase. A ventilator also can be updated after purchase once it is already installed in an NICU by upgrading the software and purchasing a Masimo starter kit.

If you would like to learn more about SpO2 monitoring on the SLE6000 take a look at our product brochure, alternatively please email We would love to hear from you!



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