Introducing the SLE6000 Version 2 Software

By 15th August 2018Product News

Over the past few months the SLE head office has been a hive of activity. We have been keeping things under wraps for a long time but are now delighted to announce the release of the Version 2 software on the SLE6000.

The SLE6000 is our most advanced ventilator, but since its release we have been working to make it even better and have bundled lots of updates and new features to create the SLE6000 V2 Software, the biggest update we have ever made to a ventilator.

Although the ventilator still looks the same on the outside, on the inside it is packed with new features and modes that will cater to the most unique patient requirements. Over the next few weeks SLE will be releasing and explaining all of the new technology in detail, but for now here’s an overview of what’s to come.

To begin with SLE has introduced modularity to its software.  This means that all the different modes on the SLE6000 will now be available to purchase individually and will allow you to customise your SLE6000 to suit your patient’s needs.

All new ventilators will come with standard ‘Core Software’. You will then be able to individually purchase the modes you require. Available modes include: HFOV with VTV, NIV, High Flow Oxygen Therapy, Conventional VTV, and IntelliBridge.

Alongside this the SLE6000 is now available in 15 new languages including Russian, Japanese, Dutch and Turkish (with updated user manuals in all languages).

With the introduction of modularity SLE has also released several new modes.

We have optimised our market leading high frequency ventilation HFOV software to now include volume targeted ventilation (VTV).

Once VTV has been selected in the HFOV ventilation mode the Delta pressure automatically adjusts to maintain the target end tidal volume (Vte).  This in turn helps prevent episodes of hypocapnia and hypercapnia. This feature has been available on the SLE6000 in conventional ventilation since launch but is now available in HFOV.

Another of the most notable new features for the SLE6000 is the IntelliBridge Module (for use with Philips IntelliVue monitors and the IntelliBridge interface module). This module adds software which will allow a Philips patient monitor to interface with the SLE6000. The data from the SLE6000 will be displayed on the Philips IntelliVue screen. If you have Philips monitors, or are thinking of installing a Philips monitoring system then this module is a ‘must have’ option.

All of the main features and modes are explained in more detail in our Version 2 software brochure, available for download here.

Keep checking our blog to see more details of the updated to the SLE6000 over the next few weeks.