Tasmanian technology helps premature babies breathe

By 29th June 2018Article

For the past ten years Professor Peter Dargaville (neonatal specialist) and Dr Tim Gale (robotic engineer) have been working on technology to help premature babies breath a little easier.

They have created a Closed-Loop Automated Oxygen System which has shown great promise in trials at helping regulate the oxygen babies receive and keep them within a target range.

Keeping the oxygen levels of newborn babies at optimal saturation is vital to their development. If the oxygen saturation levels are too low (less than 90% saturation) there is a high risk that organs will stop developing and will not work properly. If the oxygen saturation levels are too high there is an increased risk of retinopathy and blindness.

In this interview with ABC Radio Hobart, Professor Dargaville discuses the problems he encountered within neonatal care which led him to begin this research.


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