Singapore success

By 15th May 2017Uncategorised

The Singapore Ventilator Symposium finished last week and was deemed to be a great success by all those attending it. The meeting was attended by Barbara Pilgrim, Catherine Aguenier and Anup Lakra from SLE, and presented by Professor Peter Rimensberger from the University Hospital of Geneva. Professor Rimensberger is a specialist in clinical pathology and mechanical ventilation in infants and children.

The Symposium covered all aspects of infant ventilation including both conventional ventilation and high-frequency oscillation ventilation. Both the SLE5000 and the new SLE6000 featured in many of the presentations and gave attendees the chance to see the new SLE6000 in action.

The course included both classroom-based and hands-on sessions.
> Current practice and the Clinical Evidence
> Modes of ventilation
> Mechanism of lung injury
> Lung recruitment and an introduction to the Open Lung Concept
> Third party monitoring
> Ventilation in Acute Lung Injury
> Influence of pressure settings on blood gas analysis, gas exchange, and lung mechanics during Conventional and High Frequency Oscillation ventilation
> Concepts of lung volume optimisation; Concepts of protective lung ventilation

The course was run over three days, with the hands-on element being held in the Medical Faculty of the National University of Singapore.

The course was attended by 15 clinicians from various regions in China, and numerous other participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. There was also a chance to network: on the first evening, after a full day of lectures, we held a group dinner at a local seafood restaurant, ‘Jumbo’ where we all took advantage of the local speciality (Crab) in all its guises. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other, talk to Prof Rimensberger and hear the various issues and experiences in the various regions.

A great success – we look forward to the next one!