3rd Advanced Neonatal Update Symposium

By 3rd February 2017Uncategorised
SLE will again be supporting a major symposium in Bahrain. The 3rd Advanced Neonatal Update Symposium at the Arabian Gulf University will take place between 17th and 19th February.
The symposium offers the opportunity for delegates to learn about best practices, current issues and evidence-based treatment, amongst other major neonatal intensive care topics – all under the expert tutelage of Professor Peter Rimensberger, Dr David Tingay, Dr Christopher Dewhurst, Dr Vincent Mühlethaler and Dr. Ramy Elnazer.
It will consist of 2/3 theory and 1/3 practical elements. Lectures, presentations and Q&A sessions on topics including basics on and modes of mechanical ventilation, mechanism of lung injury, lung recruitment / open lung concept, respiratory monitoring, anticipation of lung infection, assessment of haemodynamics, including the use of echocardiography in the neonatal intensive care unit, and transport issues.
It will be an enriching educational experience for a maximum of 50 Neonatologists and Paediatric Intensivists (of which 25 will be from the GCC countries and 25 from the Kingdom of Bahrain). Stateof- the-art facilities and equipment will be provided by Arabian Gulf University and SLE Ltd.
A copy of the brochure and prices can be obtained from Fuad Ramadan at: framadan@sle.co.uk