Experts On Site at Arab Health

By 2nd February 2017Uncategorised
Alex Angelopoulos and Barbara Pilgrim are on our stand at Arab Health this week. Alex is the Product Manager for the SLE6000 and there’s not much he doesn’t know about the SLE6000. So if you’ve got any difficult questions – he’s the man to ask!
Barbara is our Clinical Manager – if you have any clinical questions about using the SLE6000 (or any of our other products, for that matter) please stop by and speak with her.
The SLE6000 has been the centre of attention for all of the meeting so far, and we are getting some very positive feedback about the non-invasive modes, particularly the non-invasive HFOV. A few papers have been published on the efficacy of this mode, and a number of people are keen to find out if it works as well as these papers say.