New Patient Circuit Introduced

By 1st February 2017Uncategorised
SLE has introduced a new, specially designed multi-function patient circuit for the SLE6000. The company will be showing the new multi-function BC6188/15 patient circuit at Arab Health in Dubai.
This new circuit features SLE’s unique yellow safety restrictor and allows easy conversion from dual-limb to single-limb operation. This means that the user can seamlessly move the baby from invasive to non-invasive modes (and back again, if necessary) without any additional components. Secure ‘break points’ in the circuit means that mode changes can be done in seconds without disturbing the baby.
The circuit also includes a swivelling wye piece, 135º connectors to the humidifier chamber and right-angled connectors to the exhalation port. The circuit can be used for all invasive and non-invasive modes including conventional ventilation, HFOV, various non-invasive modes including nHFOV and High Flow Therapy. Two versions of the circuit are available – one with a single heated-wire and another with dual heated-wire.
Contact SLE at: for more information.