Singapore Ventilation Symposium starts next week

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SLE’s second ventilator symposium starts next week in Singapore (on the 26th April), following on closely from the Bahrain symposium in February. The symposium takes place at the University of Singapore and consists of lectures, group discussions and hands-on experience.

Already sold out, the Ventilation Symposium focuses on improving mechanical ventilation in neonates, and will be presented by Professor Peter Rimensberger from the University Hospital of Geneva. It will cover all aspects of infant ventilation including both conventional ventilation and  high-frequency oscillation ventilation.

Professor Rimensberger
Professor Rimensberger is a specialist in clinical pathology and mechanical ventilation in infants and children. He has an enormous amount of experience to share, having a significant body of work published covering various aspects of mechanical ventilation, lung recruitment and lung protective strategies, as well as other aspects of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care.

Course content

> Current practice and the Clinical Evidence
> Modes of ventilation
> Mechanism of lung injury
> Lung recruitment and an introduction to the Open Lung Concept
> Third party monitoring

> Ventilation in Acute Lung Injury
> Influence of pressure settings on blood gas analysis, gas exchange, and lung mechanics during Conventional and High Frequency Oscillation ventilation
> Concepts of lung volume optimisation; Concepts of protective lung ventilation

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